OCM's regulatory approval services are based on its in-depth knowledge of national and EU regulations, best industry practice and direct experience gained from over 24 years of service delivery. Our core services include;

  • Strategic planning advice including site selection and design.
  • Preparation of Industrial Emissions and Waste Licence Applications and Review Applications.
  • Preparation of Waste Facility Permit Certificate of Registration Applications and Review Applications.
  • Preparation of Article 28 End-of Waste Applications.
  • Preparation of Article 27 By-Product Notifications.
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports, Environmental Reports and Appropriate Assessment Screening Reports in support of planning applications.
  • Assistance and support on planning applications and planning appeals, including expert witness.
  • Completion of Tier 1, 2 and 3 Assessments of Former Municipal Landfills as part of the Certificate of Authorisation Process for Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites.
    • OCM prepared the first Article 28 End of Waste Application to be approved by the EPA, which was for the manufacture of recycled pellets from waste plastic. OCM subsequently submitted successful applications for recycled aggregated and another type of recycled plastic. OCM has prepared successful Article 27 By-Product Notifications for soils generated at large scale commercial and residential developments.