OCM has completed environmental due diligence assessments as part of acquisitions, divestitures mergers and financial funding support across Ireland and the UK and in Spain and the USA. The assessments are conducted in accordance with OCM developed protocols, which are based on US ASTM 1528-14 as amended to take account of country specific regulations and information databases.

OCM also has extensive experience of using client corporate specific protocols and reporting formats and tailoring these to meet country specific regulatory requirements.

The assessment focus is on identifying actual or potential environmental liabilities arising from current and historical property usage and determining the costs of addressing these liabilities. Typically an assessment comprises two Phases.

Phase 1 involves developing a site history, establishing background environmental conditions and a site inspection, which includes, where relevant an evaluation of the facility's approach to environmental management and may, depending on the client's needs, include a regulatory compliance evaluation.

The findings of the Phase I assessment determine if additional (Phase II) investigations are required. This can include sampling of soils, groundwater and surface waters to establish the nature and extent of any environmental impact associated with the facility. The data is used to identify the need for and extent of any remedial measures and the likely associated costs.